Merchandise not in stock for immediate delivery will be ordered from the manufacturer with a tentative delivery date. Delivery dates are agreed to in good faith; however, they are subject to availability from the manufacturer. In the case of a delay, we will do our best to keep you informed of the status of your delivery. Changes in delivery dates will be subject to availability of stock and scheduling restrictions. An approximate delivery time is available through our delivery department (A time window is approximate, due to road conditions and unexpected delays beyond our control). If a delivery date is not set up at the time of sale, you will be contacted and a delivery date will be confirmed. We would ask you to ensure that all walks and entrance ways to your home are clear prior to delivery, (example: snow and ice) for the safety of our delivery personnel and your furniture. Our delivery staff has the obligation to postpone delivery due to unsafe conditions based on judgment. As professionals, we do our best to take every care possible when delivering furniture into your home. As you are aware, many home designs do not take into account the difficulty of furniture delivery. On a rare occasion, if a piece of furniture is a tight fit, we may ask you to approve our attempt to fit your furniture on the understanding that we cannot be held responsible for any damage. We trust you will understand and appreciate these conditions. If we make a delivery to your home on a scheduled agreed day and it happens that no one is in attendance to receive the delivery, there will be a charge for the next delivery. (To re-schedule a delivery we require (1) full days notice please).In case of deliveries, Hometown Furniture agrees to deliver to the main entrance of the customer’s residence. In the event that our staff agree to assist in bringing the goods inside the residence, they will not be responsible for any damage to the goods or to the residence during that time


If you would like to pick up your purchase, please call either your salesperson or the office staff of the store where you made your purchase, at least (1) day in advance so that we can prepare your order. You will need to bring handling materials with you, such as rope and blankets. Damage incurred by customers own transportation is not warrantied.


Delivery of in-stock, sale merchandise must be taken within (14) days, unless otherwise stated. All other merchandise can be laid away under the following conditions: 20% of the purchase price (taxes included) to be paid at the time of purchase; The full purchase price to be paid and delivered within 3 months. (Non-refundable).


We will guarantee your furniture against manufacturers defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase although some manufacturers do not offer a written or limited warranty. Repair, replacement or refund is at our discretion. Manufacturer warranties for longer than one year are honoured through your retailer and we will repair as directed by the manufacturer. Warranties apply only to furniture subject to normal use in the home and not to defects that are a result of negligence, misuse or accident, nor is it valid if the furniture is used in a commercial, industrial or institutional setting. Manufacturers do not warranty minor flaws or marks discernable only upon the closest examination.


A fee of $75 per item will be charged for removal of items from customer’s residence providing, it’s easily accessible & safe to do so. Our delivery team reserves the right to refuse removal if these conditions aren’t met.


A fee will be charged for assembly of furniture items.


Upholstery is warrantied to the initial customer, for one year against manufacturers defect. Manufacturers of upholstery fabrics do not warranty for wearability or colorfastness. We endeavour to sell only the best fabrics, based on the information from suppliers and personal experience, but we regret that we cannot honour adjustments, claims or credits for these properties. Fading, pilling and shading are characteristics of certain types of fabrics and are not defects. Seat cushions may slip or shift slightly around foam cores and are not covered by warranty. Regular cushion rotation will reduce the problem.


Case Goods are guaranteed by your local retailer for one year against manufacturers defect. It is the nature of wood to have knots, mineral deposits, worm holes and unusual grain patterns. They are inherent to wood and are not defective unless they interfere with the product giving satisfactory service.


Bedding sold in matched sets (boxspring and mattress) are warrantied to the initial customer for one year against manufacturer’s defect. Bedding warranties do not imply the expected life of the unit. Manufacturers will not warranty mattresses that have been stained, therefore, use of a mattress cover is recommended.


Appliances sold are covered by a factory warranty. A card detailing the warranty is packed with each appliance and is honoured by all the manufacturer’s approved service depots.

* At time of delivery our delivery team will NOT install, plug in/hook up any appliances.

*An extended warranty can be purchased within the first year of the manufacturers warranty.


Once merchandise has been inspected and signed for upon pick-up or delivery, there will be no returns due to manufacturers defect. We will repair merchandise following the manufacturers warranty guidelines and will only replace merchandise if the product is deemed not repairable by one of our trained professionals.




Dust regularly with a dry cloth or one that is slightly moistened with a natural polish.


Leather products can be wiped with a soft cloth which is dry or mildly damp with water and left to dry on its own. We recommend you keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. 


Modern technology has improved much in the way wood is produced. Modern glue is less susceptible to drying up, modern finishes leave greater resistance to marking and expensive carved mouldings can be produced for a fraction on the price. The one thing modern technology hasn't improved is wood. But then again what's to improve? For hundreds of years, the pure beauty of wood furniture has made for treasured family traditions. Although wood has its beauty, it is far from perfect. It's the nature of wood to have knots, mineral deposits, worm holes and unusual grain patterns. Each piece is as individual as a fingerprint and will take the stain slightly different, even two boards from the same tree. This is inherent to wood and is not a defect unless it interferes with the product giving satisfactory service. You may notice a gap in the center of leaf tables or at the ends where half tops and filler leaves meet. Solid wood will expand and contract due to humidity conditions in the home. The extent of the gapping will vary as humidity conditions change. Expansion and contraction causes these gaps and is a natural characteristic of solid wood.


Genuine Leather is warm and inviting and is one of the few materials that actually get better with age. Continued use only makes is more comfortable. But we have something to tell you about the most beautiful and durable of materials. Nature loves to be creative and as a result no two pieces of leather are identical. Even the same hide has shade differences due to higher or lower density of the nicks, branding, scratches and even insect bites. These give each piece of leather a personality of its own. Only true leather can boast these marks and they are not considered cause for warranty claim.



Dust regularly with a dry cloth or one slightly moistened with a natural polish. Avoid polishes containing petroleum products since they may damage the finish. Even dust may be abrasive so always dust with the grain and not across it. Avoid putting furniture in direct sunlight since this may bleach the finish. Commercial glass cleaners may discolour brass or chrome finishes. Be sure to always use felt discs, placemats (without rubber backing), coaster etc. when putting lamps, glasses, hot objects etc. on table tops. Despite modern water resistant finishes it is very important that water not be allowed to stand on top of finishes or in decorative router lines. When storing table leaves, always be flat, beneath a bed or somewhere out of the way. Standing on edge will cause warpage. Maintaining even humidity conditions is extremely beneficial to all furniture with wood construction. Operating a humidifier in your home is highly recommended. All wood grains absorb stains differently, inch by inch; there will always be varying degrees of light and dark tones throughout. This is a characteristic which makes your piece beautifully unique. Tilting back in chairs while sitting in them is dangerous and will loosen the glue joints. This practice should be strictly discouraged. Also avoid standing on chairs or hooking your heels on the cross supports of the chair base. Remember, decorative wood spindles are fragile and will break if subjected to undue stress.


Vacuum with soft brush attachments to remove dirt and dust that can cut threads or ware fibers. We strongly suggest you have your upholstery treated with stain repellent. This will allow the fabric to be cleaned much more effectively, therefore extending its life. Spills should be repeatedly blotted with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. If a stain should occur, test for colour fastness by wiping a small hidden area with a mild soap solution before attempting to remove the stain. All seat cushions should be turned and rotated (if reversible) after every vacuuming (at least every few weeks,). This will help stop your cushions from twisting and provide even wear. If twisting does occur, simply open at the zipper and pull the fabric around by hand. Zippers are there for ease of assembly by the manufacturer. Do not attempt to remove cover to try the machine wash. Occasionally a seat cushion may appear to be a different shade than the rest of the piece. Simply turn the cushion over and the nap (fabric fibers) will be laying the other direction.


It is recommended and a requirement of the manufacturer’s warranty that queen size mattress sets have a bed frame that has cross supports and a center support to avoid sagging of foundation. Never bend, fold or stand on your mattress. A washable mattresses protector should always be used, for health reasons and to protect your bedding warranty. We recommend the purchase of a stain repellent mattress pad cover.